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'A Site for Muslim Brothers & Sisters facing Same Sex Attractions, who are seeking Support from Others facing the Same Test.'

Al-Tawbah seeks the Guidance and Mercy of Allah by providing a venue for Confidential Support and Education for individuals struggling against homosexual tendencies.


Al-Tawbah is a group of Muslims dedicated to seek Allah's repentance for any actions conducted which are outside the folds of Islam. This group exists for those who have been tempted by the Shaitan primarily in a homosexual or sexual nature, but struggle against it for the sake of Allah.

Allah says in the Qur'an:
"And if God were to punish men for their inequities, He would not leave on Earth a living creature! Be (as it is His Way), He gives them respite for a appropriate term; and when that hour comes, they shall not delay or advance it a moment" (16:61)

Al-Tawbah believes that Allah our Most Merciful and Compassionate Creator, knows us better than we know ourselves. So while we may have urges that may push us to act against the boundaries of Allah, we remind ourselves and each other that Islam is Pecfect and It is reflected in this holistic nature. Therefore we know that Allah tells us in the Qur'an that we will be tested and that we have the power to deal with those tests as no soul is given a burden more than it can bear. When we act on our nafs (evil desires), be it alcohol, neglecting our prayer, or our homosexual inclinations, we are making ourselves equal to Allah and we seek refuge in Him from that. We are here as Proof of the Tests that Allah will give His Creation, not because of His Anger, but because of His Love and this is why He sent Prophet Lut(as) to the people of Sodoom and Gomaorrah. We believe in the Finality of our Beloved Messenger and The Perfection and Finality of The Qur'an, as such we know that there is no opinion after Word of Allah and His Prophet.

Brothers and Sisters In Islam, this Test is by no means easy, but the Tests that He *swt* gave His Messenger were not easy either, we invite you to come, hold our hands, get support and help us as well, as we strive to remind each other, to Enjoin Good and Forbid Evil so that Our Lord will be pleased with us. If you feel there is no way out, we, who face the same test as youu'll, are here to tell you that there is, and invite you to walk with us, so that we may be together in this Life for Allah and Reunited in Jannah Forever-Ameen

As Allah says in the Qur'an in Surat Al-Asr
"By time! Verily man is in loss. Except those who believe, and do good deeds, and exhort one another to the Truth, and exhort one another to patience"

Al-Tawbah allows Muslims to invite one another to the Truth and to patience, and sincerely prays to Allah for His hikmah, guidance and forgiveness.

Al-Tawbah seeks the forgiveness of Allah by providing a platform where members with homosexual tendencies receive the Knowledge and Support the that they may need by Brothers and Sisters facing the Same Test, inorder to sincerely repent from any past deeds.

Al-Tawbah provides discussion groups, information and support resources for believing men and women who struggle against homosexuality for the sake of Allah.

This group focuses primarily on Islamic issues, including the Qur'an, Sunnah, Hadith, Tafsir, culture and family. At-Tawbah is international in nature and aims at Supporting Brothers and Sisters who have the Test of Homosexual Attractions, and to Promote Islamic knowledge and brotherhood among Muslims around the World.

Al-Tawbah seeks to promote awareness of the ill effects of engaging in a homosexual lifestyle, in a safe, supportive environment where Muslims with homosexual tendencies can strengthen one another to follow the way of Islam under the Merciful Forgiveness of Allah.

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