Minor Signs of Qiyamat
Moulana Khalid Dhorat

Anas ibn Malik (Radhiallaahu Anhu) reports: "When you see seventy-two signs of Qiyamat, know that the last hour is near. They are:

* Salaat will be neglected,
* Trusts will be embezzled,
* Interest will be consumed,
* Speaking lies will be common,
* Life will become cheap,
* Tall buildings will be erected,
* One's religion will be sold for the world,
* Family-ties will be severed,
* Patience will be lost,
* Lies will be regarded as truth,
* Silken garments will be worn (by men),
* Deceit and cheating will be common,
* Divorces will be a daily occurrence,
* People will die suddenly,
* Swindlers will be trusted,
* The trustworthy will be belied,
* The lier will be given credibility,
* The truthful person will be falsified,
* Accusation (of adultery) will be rife,
* Rain will be scorching hot,
* Children will be born prematurely,
* The fraudulent will be successful,
* The honest would be disgraced,
* Leaders and officials will be self-motivated,
* The mystics (Sufis) would be immersed in dark practices,
* The Qurra would be sinners,
* When people would wear leather clothing, their hearts will be more pungent than excreta,
* Only the exercising of patience (not alternate strategy) will be able to overcome corruptions (i.e. there will be support for the truth),
* People would deliberately involve themselves in dangerous sports and activities like the Jews,
* Gold will be displayed openly,
* There will be a demand for silver,
* Many lecturers and sermonises will appear,
* Commanding of the good will be forgotten,
* Qur'ans would be decorated,
* The Masajid would be adorned and embellished,
* Pulpits would be constructed higher,
* Hearts would be bereft of light,
* Liquor and intoxicants would be consumed,
* The Islamic punishments (hudud) will not be enforced,
* The slave-girl would give birth to her master (i.e. orders would be disobeyed, or juniors would start influencing their seniors),
* Shameless and naked people will become leaders,
* The wife would join her husband in business,
* Men would start imitating women,
* Women would start imitating men,
* Oaths will be taken in the name other than Allah,
* A person would give evidence without having asked to do so,
* People would gain mastery over the sciences for purposes other than the recognition of Allah,
* Worldly profits will be gained through religious enterprises,
* Leaders would not equally distribute wealth and resources, and the rightful recipients will be deprived,
* Trusts will be treated as booty (to be consumed),
* Zakaat will be regarded as a tax,
* The most respected person in the community will its worst,
* Children would disobey their parents,
* Mothers would be treated harshly,
* Friends would be respected,
* One's wife will be exclusively obeyed,
* The voices of sinners will be elevated in the Masajid,
* Dancing and music will be rampant,
* Liquor would be consumed in the streets,
* Oppressing and cheating people would become a source of achievement and pride,
* Police and security will be multiplied,
* The Qur'an would be recited in singing tones,
* The skins of wild animals would be laid down,
* The last portion of this Ummah would curse the first generation of Muslims (i.e. the Sahabah).

When all these are prevalent, wait for red winds, earthquakes, mutilation of bodies, tornadoes, and other signs."

Anas ibn Malik (RA) further reports:
"When indecency is prevalent in your elders, and ruling power is in the hands of the young, and knowledge is attained for one's own aspiration for it (i.e. to learn knowledge for fame or to merely fuel one's ego), and when nepotism is found in your best people, then await the last hour."

From amongst other signs of the Hour will be that:

1. When a one hour crescent is sighted, it will be said that it is a two day moon,
2. Women will grossly outnumber men, so much so tha tthe ration would be 1:50,
3. Ignorance of Islam will be common,
4. Much will be said (much information will be available), and little will be practiced upon.

The onslaught of such a time has been described by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the following terms: "A time will come when a person steadfast on his religion will like holding hot coals in his hand."

Adapted from Ahwal Yaum al-Qiyamah of 'Allamah Safarini